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Radiator Service

Without a properly functioning cooling system, your car is not running at its best and you are actually risking serious engine damage from overheating. 

A radiator service / inspection from Campbellfield Radiator Service can be a simple, quick process that gives you peace of mind a well functioning cooling system.

The Best Radiators In Melbourne

Campbellfield Radiator Service have the proven experience and know how to service and repair your radiator and cooling system. We sell the best Australian made radiators with the unique Australia Wide 5 year warranty offered through ADRAD.

Repair, Replace or Service - We'll look after you

We'll work out what's the best option for you. From a clean out to a re-core or a complete replacement radiator, Campbellfield Radiators will have your vehicle or commercial equipment running its best in the quickest possible turnaround time.

All Vehicle and Machinery Radiators

Our workshop is equipped with hoists and cranes that give us the ability to work on the full range of radiators. Car radiators, four wheel drive radiators, truck radiators, bus radiators and machinery radiators. From the smallest to the largest, we can handle it.

Custom Builds And Projects

For those of you undertaking restorations of hot rods, customs and muscle cars, we've got you covered. We can fabricate you a custom radiator to suit your project with the highest quality that you would expect for your pride and joy.

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