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Diesel Particulate Filter Clean

DPF Before & After Clean
Utilising the latest State of the Art Machinery Direct from Italy we now offer regeneration of your Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) back to almost 100% efficiency.
A printout is also available upon request which shows Backpressures and Air Flow Before and After servicing to ensure your DPF is cleaned thouroughly
This will help illustrate the effectiveness of our cleaning process, and provide proof that your filter is compliant with all legal and environmental standards.

**Here are Some of the tell tale signs your DPF needs cleaning:**

-Poor fuel consumption
-Noticeable decline in performance
-DPF light keeps illuminating on the dash at shorter and shorter intervals
-Vehicle goes into limp mode after DPF dash light comes on
-Increase in smoke from exhaust system
-If your vehicle has had a failure with fuel injectors, turbo, head gasket, high oil consumption, EGR system malfunction/failure

We also clean:

Diesel Oxidising Catalyst & Converters (DOC/CAT)
Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)
Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR)

Brand NEW Aftermarket DPF's also available

Flash Cleaner Machine

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